This Site Will Be Shutting Down Soon!!


Shutting this site down. The new site is under construction. You can view it now at … [Read more...]

Another DJ Will Mix


Needed another mix to listen too, while driving to and from. This mix will fit on a CD, if you are a CD type person. Nothing special about this mix … [Read more...]

The Mature Group


Yo Yo Yo! I was in the mood to do a mix. So i did one. Nothing special about this mix. I just needed something to listen to while driving to and from … [Read more...]

DJ Rekkless – Old School Basement Mix


This is Dj Rekkless. He's one of my deejay partners. He's just messing around in his basement. So he decided to record his mess around practice … [Read more...]

The Young Kool N Smooth (RnB Mix)


I was playing around in my 2006 - 2009 music folder while testing an old MacBook with a replaced hard drive. I did not plan on making this mix. The … [Read more...]

Stephon Party Mix Request


This is an Old School mix. Stephon provided the list for his sister's up coming birthday party. I feel as though I was a little rusty but the mix … [Read more...]

JC Walker Hip Hop Explicits


I was in a mixing mood, so I asked a co-worker to name a few songs for me to mix. He text me a list three days later. I wanted to make it a clean … [Read more...]

Studio 54 (Disco Mix)


I was motivated to do this mix after watching the movie 54. Studio 54 was a popular and world renowned nightclub from 1977 until 1981 when it was sold … [Read more...]

Hip Hop Drop Mix


This is another selection of new music that I was previewing. I call it a drop mix because I was just throwing or dropping the songs in. No blending … [Read more...]

RnB Blend Mix


This mix continues where the RnB Drop Mix left off. Instead of dropping the tracks in on this mix, I matched the BPM's and blended the tracks in. This … [Read more...]

RnB Drop Mix


This mix contains the latest RnB music for early October 2013. I call this mix the RnB Drop Mix because I was just dropping or throwing the songs in. … [Read more...]

Lil JG’s Pop Mix Oct 2013


This mix should have been called Lil JG's Pop Mix Aug 2013. Lil JG sent me this list two months ago. Well it's done now. The stretch in some of the … [Read more...]

This Is Classic Rock


This is my interpretation of Classic Rock. I know one track is alternative but it's still a classic. This mix was inspired by a deejay from the Philly … [Read more...]

Prince and Michael Jackson Mix


This is a Prince and Michael Jackson mix. This mix was request by Steven Santos. He also selected and provided the list of songs to be play in the … [Read more...]

R&B Hip Hop Y2K-2K5


Here is another Old School mix. I didn't go back to far with this one. I dug these track out of my Hip Hop R&B 2000-2005 crate. This mix was made with … [Read more...]

3:30 In Da Morn Anything Goes


I was still awake and messing around with music. I started this one about 3:30 in the morning. It's a 120 BPM plus set of Old School Tracks. Anything … [Read more...]

2 In The Morning Pop Mix


This mix was just done 2 in the morning. I couldn't sleep because I'm normally at work during the midnight hours. So, I started playing with the … [Read more...]

House Music of 1987 & 88 (Traktor Pro 2 Mix)


This is an old school house music mix with tracks from 1987 and 1988. I did not use any equipment to make this mix. This mix was made with my Macbook … [Read more...]

Hip Hop RnB Mix Pt.2 Aug 2013


Just playing around on the new gear. Trying to improve  my blending skills  I decided to throw some current radio tracks together. One of my … [Read more...]

RnB Mix Aug 2013


This is my new deejay gear. (2) Technics 1210 M5G, Numark M2 Mixer, Serato SL2 box, and Novation Dicers. I bought this setup from a deejay that lives … [Read more...]

Run DMC Mix


This is an Old School Run DMC Non-Stop Mix. This mix was requested by Paul Connolly of Phoenix Arizona. He the owner of a Skateboard Company. I still … [Read more...]

A Different Type Of Old School Mix


This is a different type of old school mix. I was bored, it was about 2 in the morning eastern time USA, so I made a mix. That's nothing unusual for … [Read more...]

The Fat Burner (Workout Mix)


The is another workout motivation hype mix to get you in the mood to burn that fat. This mix continues where the "Let's Workout" mix left off. I did … [Read more...]

Something From The 90′s


This is an Old School 90's mix. I was bored so I made a mix. There is nothing special about this mix. It's just a basic blend. I don't consider this … [Read more...]

Poppazoid Mix…Cape Cod’s Finest


Keeping the old school flava going on with this Poppaziod Mix. This mix was requested and named by Steven Santos. He also provided the list. These … [Read more...]